Biodiversity at the heart of redeveloping the Saint-Jacques mining tip

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A tale of water and stone

Société d’Exploitation du Terril St Jacques or SETSJ sprl is a limited liability company set up in Farciennes in April 2012 to carry out the project of redeveloping the Saint-Jacques coal-mining tip, through the creation of a landfill and a set of social and environmental development measures revolving around a host of bodies of water, wetlands and wooded areas, walking paths, and a lookout.


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A site with an unusual calling

The site covers 30 hectares between the railway track, Sambre River, and Farciennes Ecopôle (a green business park) and is part of the chain of tips known as the Chaîne des Terrils.  Upon completion of the current project, it will become a wildlife sanctuary, network of walking paths, and educational area for everyone interested in biodiversity and local heritage.