Back to news Published on 29/12/2017

Amphibians are an emblematic group of wetland animal species. Their populations are declining worldwide as well as in Wallonia, due to changes in or degradation of their habitats.

The Saint-Jacques tip harbours eleven of the twelve amphibious species found in Wallonia. All of these amphibians are protected, and special attention is paid on the site to two emblematic species that are in true danger of extinction, i.e., the natterjack toad and northern (or great) crested newt. 

To improve our knowledge of our populations of amphibians, a network of 78 scientific monitoring plates (of approximately 1 m²) has been placed in strategic places on the edge of the tip since 2016. These monitoring plates provide shelter and thus serve as permanent test sites for counting amphibians. A total of 208 observations were recorded in these shelters in 2016. So, this monitoring makes it possible to follow changes in and the growth of amphibian populations from year to year.